Our prefered tools – Core Agile Toolset

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Our prefered tools – Core Agile Toolset

This section contains information about the tools we currently prefer to use across all the products. This section is not testing specific and is meant to serve as a means to catalogue all the tools currently in place to support activities in the development, testing, deployment and operations of the software portfolio of products that we can take care of:

Core Agile Toolset

JIRA is used by all products as the repository for epics, stories with associated sub-tasks and impediments, spikes, technical investment, defects, It is the tools used to manage the progression of a desired business outcome to the tangible implementation of that feature into the production environment.

JIRA is used to actively manage the product backlog and allows us to progress issues through the conception, envisioning, refining, development and testing needed to deploy this into the our target produciton environment. It is the tool most frequently used acrosss the platform.

Confluence is used by all products as the repository for technical information, product knowledge, Governance artefacts; core product documentation, key platform strategies; testing artefacts and other related documentation. It is the means by which we track common administrative activities , meeting actions and task lists.

Confluence also enables the rapid production of documentation to meet governance requirements and provides an easy means of aggregating information from JIRA and displaying this in a manner that is useful for a number of stakeholders.


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