Purposes of the testing framework we can deliver for your business

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Purposes of the testing framework we can deliver for your business

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Above all else, the quality assurance framework that we can offer advocates a risk-based approach to testing activities. Focusing effort on the areas that are highest risk will drive what is considered “good enough”.to ensure the solutions that we deliver to our customers add value to their operations. The framework sets out a number of methods to ensure that our development and testing activities yield products which are robust and reliable and continue to contribute to the reputational success for any business in UK, France, USA and worldwide.

This framework also serves other purposes from different groups:

* As a record of practices in use and the controls in place to ensure safe, reliable delivery to the production environment.
* To embed a shared quality mindset and impart the tools and methods used to achieve this to both current and new team members alike.
* To provide the confidence that the teams are all aligned to the notion of quality delivery of incremental value to development software products
* To help the journey to agile methods for other groups within your company and provide a framework that they can adopt and modify to suit their needs.


The information contained within the test automation framework pertains to the products that form part your business at the time of creating this revision of it

Any new products which do not meet this criteria may require updated information to be added to ensure that key information is included within this framework.

Other key points to note:

  1. Where the fundamental technology underpinning a product differs significantly from the technologies in use for the current products, it may be more prudent to confirm the applicability of this document to testing practices for that product.
  2. The information contained within this document may also be applied to any third party delivery of functionality to the platform where the technical solution is used as the main provider of additional value for the customer.


The audience of this framework extends to all areas of your business that are delivering functionality Some of these groups along with their needs can be as listed below:

1. To project management team: A single consolidated source containing the key testing processes and controls which can fulfil any potential audit requirements from internal and external parties.

2. To development and QA teams: A decision making framework for testing

Key testing practices in line with overarching your business standards and enabling agile delivery.

3. To third parties: A clear set of expectations of testing practice required to enable delivery of functionality to your business. Clear responsibilities across workstreams and inputs required to support internal processes

4. To Business teams: Clear expectations and input required from business teams during the delivery lifecycle for your software products.

5. To leadership: Clear interventions and activities to mitigate product risk and reduce the impact on operations and bottom line revenue figures as a result of production incidents.

6. To support team:

The information transferred from test to support live service operations.

The feedback mechanism for linking production issues back to the delivery teams for fixes and continuous improvement actions.

7. To specific team leads: Standard engagement patterns with testing and required attendance at key software product delivery methodology meetings and workshops

8. To development partners: Clear guidelines in terms of practices to adopt and information required by your software products to support governance processes and Service Management needs

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