Fundamentals of java spring

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Fundamentals of java spring

Fundamentals of Spring Framework

Fundamental concepts related to Java Spring Framework:


Inversion of control

Dependency injection

Dependency inversion

Spring context



Spring context – ways to defines the instances or beans in the Spring context

GetBean from context – The class used to define the context has the match the Spring context that we intend to use

Classes that can be used for a desktop application:

AnnotationConfigApplicationContext – Loads a Spring application context from one or more Java based configuration classes. It implements Autocloseable and can be used as a resource directly, can be used in try with resources.

ClassPAthXmlApplicationContext – Loads a context definition from one or more XML files located in the classpath, treating context definitions files as classpath resources. This class waits that configuration files come with a relative path to the root, the application path.

FileSystemXmlApplicationContext – Loads a context definition from one or more XML files in the filesystem

To create a dependency injection, make use of bean tag.

How bean and xml config works.

Create a new dependency

Make a dependency through Constructor using arg tag.

Explicit configuration in XML

Explicit configuration in Java – declare a configuration class and use @bean to inject with a method

Implicit bean discovery and automatic wiring


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